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DICTATOR door check

Welcome to the website of DICTATOR PRODUCTIE B.V. founded in 1932 in Amsterdam and since 1965 based in Emmeloord, the Netherlands, Europe.

Our company is over 85 years now, the specialist in manufacturing and providing innovative solutions when it comes to quiet opening, securing and closing of your doors and gates.

You want to prevent slamming doors?
DICTATOR door checks are thé solution (models for sliding doors also available).

You want your doors to be always self-closing after use?
Adjunct & Piccolo door springs are just thé perfect mechanical solution to do this.

You need spring hinges for (double-action) swing doors that need to be self-closing after use?
Then we can recommend you our HAWGOOD spring hinges, with or without 90o hold-open facility.

You want your hinged doors easily to be fixed at any position you like?
We have a range of design Foot-operated door holders, even with a stroke up to 16 cm!

You are looking for one of the Standard DICTATOR lift door dampers?
We have got over 30 models of lift door dampers available.

You want to prevent your fire-protection doors from distortion in case of fire?
DICTATOR has especially developed the HLS-Catch temperature bolt to prevent this.

You also want to benefit from the maximum door width of your pocket-wall sliding doors?
DICTATOR Release buffers will be just the right solution to realize this.

You can't find yet the right solution for your problem in above brief listing?
No worries, all DICTATOR door & gate closing solutions can be found here.


DICTATOR is worldwide well known as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products that can offer the right solution for almost every problem related to the opening and closing of your doors or gates.

Our delivery program further involves:

V DICTATOR hydraulic dampers (linear- & radial dampers and high-performance dampers)
V DICTATOR back checks, prevents the uncontrolled slamming opening of hinged doors
V TJSS door closers with arm or guide rail (also free swing possible)
V DICTAMAT door drive technique (door operators, especially for industrial applications)
V DICTATOR fire safety (smoke- & heat detectors, electro magnets and fire door units)
V DICTATOR high quality gas springs (on specification or specially calculated for your situation)
V DICTATOR access control for clean rooms and laboratories
V DICTATOR lift technology; accessories, Home lifts and passenger lifts
V DICTATOR ATEX components for use in explosive-hazardous areas

To give you a quick impression what kind of solutions DICTATOR can offer you, we have a special solutions page available which shows what solutions can be offered.

On this website you can find detailed and up-to-date information, like documentation, dimension drawings and several fixing manuals of all products we have in our delivery program. Everything is conveniently arranged in a number of product categories.

Quality is our standard, we always strive to keep lead times as short as possible. Besides that we think a good advice and ditto service is without doubt a standard service for us. If you have question or remark after visiting this website, please let us know because it is our goal to always improve our service level.

News & developments  
February 2017  
Introduction of ZE Design Line door holders with a stroke of 80, 120 or even 160 mm.

Completely foot-operated, so there is no need to stoop to fix your doors to any position you like. Standard suitable for indoor- and outdoor fitting.

The door holders ZE Design Line are standard available in gray (RAL 9006), white (RAL 9010) or black (RAL 9005)
DICTATOR door holders - ZE Design Line
January 2016,

Exhibition Polyclose

From 14 untill 16 January we havel exhibited, together with our representation AMY from Bruges, at the Polyclose in Ghent.

We had a booth there where we have shown our latest products and solutions.

In case you were not able to visit the Polyclose, here are our highlights:
Door holder ZE-160, with a stroke up to 16 cm.
Back checks, as an alternative for storm chains.
DICTAMAT 50, the mechanical closing system for sliding doors
TJSS T6 design overhead door closer from Switzerland

Polyclose 2016 Ghent

Polyclose, your key to the Benelux market
March 2013, reddot product design award for TJSS T6

The delivery program of DICTATOR (for already over 30 years) also offers the full range of TJSS door closers (Swiss made). The absolute #1 when it comes to accessibility and quality. 

On 15 March 2013 the reddot product design award has been rewarded to the TJSS T6.

This design door closer is very accessibele (when opening the door 20% less force is needed in comparison with similar door closers on the market). Suitable for use on fire doors (tested according DIN EN 1154).

Documentation TJSS T6
TJSS T6 design glijarm deurdranger compacte uitvoering
Red dot product design-award 2013


March 2011, Introduction of DICTAMAT 50
mechanical closing device for sliding doors

With speed regulation, no electricity needed.
Already used in bigger quantities with cruise ships, hospitals and other public facilities.
Sept. 2010, introduction of HAWGOOD 4140K

spring hinges
especially designed for double action doors with a maximum door weight of 45 kg.For more heavier doors we advise you to use the spring hinge HAWGOOD 4241

HAWGOOD spring hinges 4140K
Apr. 2010, release buffer for sliding doors

Now you can also benefit from the maximum door width of your sliding doors when using this genius little device. The sliding door can fully slide into the wall (pocket-wall) and is than secured on the little magnet of the release buffer. Door handles etc. are no longer necessary.

Just a little push against the door is sufficient to let the door 'jump' out of the wall again.

Click here for it's documentation
DICTATOR release buffer