Lift equipments applications

Lift equipment applications

Homelift or "proper" lift - that is the question

The owners of the new 2-storey single-family house in the Netherlands planned far-sighted from the very beginning: a lift was to connect the ground floor and the first floor. This makes the house barrier-free and the residents don’t have to worry about what might happen if someone is no longer able to climb the stairs. The DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 is the ideal solution.

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DHE lift in private villa in Vietnam

DICTATOR supplies DHE lift with small need for shaft head and shaft pit.

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Homelift DHM 500 connects restaurant to second floor

Thanks to DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 now there's a good connection of the new restaurant on the 2nd floor despite little space.

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Accessibility for buildings with limited space

DICTATOR Homelift DHM mounted in the limited space of 950 x 1400 mm.

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The lift solution for limited space

Thanks to the DICTATOR Homelift DHM 500 the inhabitants of this house can move freely in spite of the extremely litte space of 840 x 1070 mm.

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The Home Lift DHM 500 - functionality and design

The DHM 500 represents an enrichment, not only with regard to the barrier-free accessibility but also to the architecture.

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