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The Netherlands
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DICTATOR, unique in door closing solutions     Nederlandse vlagschakel naar Nederlands

Welcome to the website of DICTATOR PRODUCTIE B.V. in Emmeloord, The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1932 in Amsterdam and since 1965 located in Emmeloord, Flevoland, The Netherlands.

DICTATOR is for over 85 years the specialist when it comes to offering innovative solutions for everything that has got to do with the noiseslessly opening, holding, closing and damping your doors or gates, both mechanically as also electric. Our delivery program includes the following groups:

Lifttechniek   Deursluittechniek   Dempingstechniek   Aandrijftechniek voor draai- en schuifdeuren
  Lift equipment     Door closing solutions     Damping engineering     Door and gate drives
Aandrijftechniek voor branddeuren   Gasverentechniek   Brandveiligheid voor deuren   Toegangstechniek
Door drives for fire protection   Gas spring technology   Hold-open devices for fire
protection doors
  Door locking &  interlocking
control systems

To give you a quick impression of what various solutions DICTATOR can offer you, we have a special advisory page where per (door)situation is shown what possibilities we have to solve the problem.

DICTATOR is for decades well known as the manufacturer and supplier of high quality products which can offer you the right solution for almost any problem regarding the opening and closing of doors.

Quality is a very important aspect with us, we also strive to keep delivery times as short as possible. Further a good advice and dito service goes without saying with us.

DICTATOR PRODUCTIE B.V. is since 1989 part of the international DICTATOR group, of which it's headquarters is located in the South of Germany, Europe.

Our productionprogram in Emmeloord:
Door checks, prevent slamming doors. Models available for both hinged- and sliding doors
Lift door dampers, over 30 models available voor lift doors; hinged- or sliding doors.
Door springs, for mechanically selfclosing of hinged doors; energy saving
HAWGOOD spring hinges for double-action doors, 90o opening to both directions possible
ZE door holders, for foot operating fixing of doors on any opening position desired. The longest model even offers a stroke of 16 cm!
HLS-catch temperature-bolts, prevent fire protection doors from pulling skew in case of a fire
Spring release buffers for optimal use of the maximum opening of pocket wall sliding doors which can fully disappear in the pocket wall.

On this website you can find detailed and recent information, like descriptions, dimensions and fitting instructions. of all products we have in our delivery program.

Looking for a better and more attractive alternative for a strorm chain? Then we invite you to check our back checks. When the door threatens to develop speed, the back check sees to it that the door will be slowed down and limited to the end position.

Check out the product video below or open the PDF documentation of the DICTATOR back checks.



Black Line
the new productline in black (RAL 9005)

Toepassing DICTATOR VS2000 zwart

The Black Line consists of:
* Door checks
* Door closers
* Door holders
 * Spring hinges

The Black Line products match the trend of black door fittings and thus form a beautiful whole on your doors.

Toepassing PICCOLO 2600 zwart

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