Door dampers

Door dampers - the solution against slamming doors

Door dampers - the original from DICTATOR since 1932

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No more noise from slamming doors

Long-lasting quality products from own production

Prevent damage to doors and hardware

Pull doors closed and keep them closed

No energy loss due to open doors

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Door damper models

Discover the large variety for almost every door

Application areas

On nearly every door with enough room for its installation


Short explanation on how a door damper works


Frequently asked questions about door dampers

Application examples

Door damper VS 2000 on church door

Door damper 1600 on glass door

Door damper 1400 installed horizontally

Door damper VS 2000 on cold room door

Door damper 1600 on entrance door

Door damper 1400 on garden door

Door damper VS 2000 mounted horizontally

Door damper VS 2000 on entrance door