Gate closer applications

Gate Closer DIREKT

Gate closer DIREKT

In the past a sign requested to always close the gates – what not always had the desired result. Now the Gate closer DIREKT takes care of this duty. Fixed on the jamb and on the gate, it always automatically closes the gate after every opening – without any risk of injuries due to a gate closing to fast because the closing speed can be exactly adjusted to the needs on site.

The gate closer DIREKT loves the sea and big yachts

Completely made of AISI 316 stainless steel it defies wind, weather and sea water.

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The RTS - invisible gate closer for access gates

Customized solution with a DICTATOR RTS tube door closer closes the highly frequented access gate of the company Von Ardenne.

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Access gate closes on its own - but how?

A vandalism-proof, practically invisible door closer was sought - and found.

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Tube door closer essential as door closer in round tube access gate

The RTS is installed in the gate's tube frame, which - apart from the sticker - can hardly be distinguished from the other glass elements.

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RTS tube door closer works and works and works...

The RTS tube door closer is a really strong work horse. More than 1.3 million operations in the Kombibad Paffrath (Germany)!

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Gate closer DIREKT also for front doors

The gate closer DIREKT also reliably closes a front door - although a very slow closing speed has been adjusted.

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No access for deer

In the town of Zürich (Switzerland) the population no longer wants the cemeteries locked during the night. The problem, however, is that the gates remain open.

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Door closer for gates with ascending hinges

The gate closer DIREKT damps the closing of the gate and ensures a controlled and quiet closing.

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