Painting vs galvanising

Back check now with painted cylinder

Back checks are a reliable solution for doors (and also windows) that open too abruptly due to wind, draught or careless operation. If the opening speed is too high, they slow the door down and prevent it from slamming open. This way, they protect both the goods and the people near the door.

DICTATOR back checks are now supplied with a painted cylinder - instead of the previously galvanised one. This change offers a lot of advantages for our customers:

Increased colour choices

As standard, back checks are supplied in RAL 9006 with a satin finish. All installation accessories continue to be galvanised aluminium or steel.

Additionally, it is possible to supply back checks in more RAL colours:

  • Preferred colours: These colours - used frequently in doors/windows - are available with shorter lead times and a small surcharge: RAL 7040, RAL 7016, RAL 9005, RAL 9007 und RAL 9016
  • Other RAL colours available upon request.

Shorter lead times thanks to DICTATOR’s new own paint shop

The new building of the DICTATOR Group in Bernau (near Berlin, Germany) includes a state-of-the-art paint shop. This allows our production line to be more independent from galvanising plants. Therefore, we are less reliant on third parties for lead times and can deliver the back checks to the customer even faster.

Higher resistance and better corrosion protection

Salt spray tests were carried out according to DIN EN 9227 NSS 2017 in two different accredited testing laboratories in order to compare the corrosion protection effect of galvanised and painted surfaces.

The painted surface showed the best results, as it was much less corroded than the galvanised one after the 96-hour test.