New building

On December 7 2020 the construction of our new building on the industrial area De Munt in Emmeloord started!

The current building of DICTATOR Productie B.V. dates from 1965 and has been expanded and modernised several times over the years, but due to the growth of the number of machines, it had reached its limits. The new building, which is being built on a plot of almost 13,000 m², will be ready for the future.

The spacious hall will be divided into a machine hall for production and a hall for the assembly and storage of semi-manufactured products.

The employees will also be comfortable in a spacious, modern office. Next to that, there will be rooms for product training and, of course, a showroom.

The new building will also meet the latest standards in the field of sustainability. Construction is expected to be completed around July 2021.

On this page, we would like to offer you the opportunity to stay informed about the progress of this exciting project. Below the map you will therefore find a short summary and a number of photos of what has been achieved in each week.

Updates per week

Week 11

The time of major visible changes (from the outside) is coming to an end as the exterior of the building is being gradually completed. However, although it is not immediately visible, progress has been made. For example, further work has been done on the roofing and the floors.

Week 10

The focus in the past week has been on installing the inner walls and the pipework. Thanks to the placement of the prefab inner walls in the office, the area is now separated from the factory halls. In addition, a start was made on pouring the concrete floors.
Furthermore, work has been done on the roofing. The installation of the roofing was temporarily halted due to the stormy weather, but fortunately the work could be resumed quickly (and nothing has been blown away).

Week 9

The exterior of the building is now largely completed. In the time to come, there will be more focus on the inside, such as installations, placing the inner walls, etc.

Week 8

The steel framework is now complete, and pallets full of insulation material are being tucked away behind the plating. This lays the foundations for keeping warm in the future – and keeping the heat out in summer.

Underfloor heating is used throughout the building, including in the halls. This ensures a constant temperature and the system can also be used to cool the spaces in summer.

Week 7

What a temperature difference compared to last week! More progress was made this week on the steel structure, the plating of the outer walls and the roof.

Week 6

Despite the freezing cold and snow this week, work on the steel structure of the building continued. In addition, the plating of the outer walls was started and a beginning was made with the construction of the roof.

Week 5

The steel framework for the factory halls is placed.

Week 4

The steel framework of the offices is placed.

Week 3

The hollow-core slabs are installed in the office area.

Week 2

The holidays are over and it is time to get back to work. This week, the pipework for the offices is being installed.

Week 52

The floor of the office part of the building is being concreted.

Week 51

Progress has been made with the placing of the piles and the formwork.

Week 50

Construction has officially begun! On 7 December 2020, the construction started with the placing of the first pile – of the in total 755.