Weatherproof solutions for controlled door movements

You have undoubtedly noticed, the storms are getting more severe in our country. Extreme weather is part of the fall and winter months these days. Unfortunately, this also means storm damage. Think buckled doors, damaged door hinges, torn door closers and broken glass. The result; blocked pathways and walkways due to the repairs that need to be made.

In short, it costs a lot of energy but also money. And in these expensive months, everyone has to watch costs. We at DICTATOR believe that prevention is better than repairing every time. That's why we like to inform you about our solutions.

DICTATOR back checks (also suitable for windows!) solve these problems – and in addition, you get the exact installation specifications for your application from us, so that nothing can go wrong.

With back checks the storm can no longer damage outward-opening doors.

Two large glass doors opening outwards form the access to the windy passage between these two company buildings in Starnberg. During strong gusts of wind, the doors – despite their overhead door closers – were often torn out of the users’ hands in an uncontrolled manner and slammed open. The consequences: Damage to the hardware, defective doors and broken glass panes – not to mention the safety hazards for people near the doors.

During the repair of a damaged door, DICTATOR back checks were installed on each door. This put an end to doors slamming open, because it reliably decelerates the door if the opening speed is too high. It can also be retrofitted on doors with an existing overhead door closer without any problems.

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Quiet and reliable closing even in strong winds

The large wooden garden door provides an enormous target for the wind. The previous door closer worked well under normal conditions, but it gave way under wind load. The gate slammed loudly – an annoying circumstance, firstly because of the noise, and secondly because of the risk of accidents and possible damage to the garden gate.

After replacing the old door closer with the DICTATOR gate closer DIREKT, this problem became a thing of the past. The garden door is now ready for any weather. The DIREKT closes the door at the preset speed, without fail and without loud slamming – even in strong winds.

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Fitting solutions

Are you looking for a solution for a window, door, gate or hatch that must withstand any type of weather? Our advisors are happy to help you find a suitable solution. Together we look for the best product with the right design including the best mounting position.

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