DICTATOR Productie B.V. is founded in 1932 in Amsterdam and is since 1965 located in Emmeloord, The Netherlands, Europe. Since 1988 part of the international DICTATOR group which has it's headquarters in Neusäß, Germany, Europe.

over 85 years now we have been producing door checks, elevator door dampers, door closers, spring  hinges for double action doors, door holders and spring release buffers.

The majority of our foreign sales are mainly coordinated from our Headquarters DICTATOR Technik GmbH in Neusäß, Germany.

For DICTATOR branches, agents or representatives in your country please take look at the international page
+31 (0)527 613456
Visiting address
Energieweg 11, NL-8304 AJ  EMMELOORD, The Netherlands, Europe
Chamber Chamber of Commerce
        39021771, KvK Lelystad
Persons to contact
Mr. H. Werkman  Commercial director
Mr. Ing. H.J. Heidema  Technical director
Mr. M.A.M. Smit  Sales engineer
Mr. M. Reijntjens  Technical sales engineer
Mr. R. Kikkert  Commerical sales engineer 
Mr. A. Smit  Chief production
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