DICTATOR spring release buffers, enables the full width of the opening to be used of your sliding doors installed in pocket walls.

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Especially for optimal use of the maximum door width of sliding in pocket walls, DICTATOR has developed a so called spring release buffer.When applying this ingenious little device, door handles or closing cups are no longer necessary.

When the sliding door is fully opened, it is flush with the pocket wall where the sliding door is slid in completely. In order to close the door, it is sufficient to lightly push and then release the edge of the door. The sliding door will then 'pop out' from the pocket, and can then further be closed by hand as normal.

Explanation function spring release buffers

Functioning of DICTATOR spring release buffer for sliding doors       
The spring release buffer comes with 2 different spring forces.

85 N, this spring force is standard advised for use of light sliding doors and nearly don't have any resistance during sliding.
130 N, is only advised for situations where more than normal resistance occurs during sliding of the door.

Normally the spring release buffer is fitted concealed on the rear side of the sliding door. In order to give you a good impression of the precise functioning of this device, a couple of photos are shown on which the sliding door is partially cutaway.
DICTATOR veerbuffer schuifdeur geopend
The sliding door is fully opened, the spring release buffer is fixed with the little magnet to the counter plate.
DICTATOR veerbuffer
The edge of the door is pushed and after release it will actuate the spring release buffer.The piston rod is retracted and the integrated spring ensures the magnet will come loose of the counter plate and the door will 'pop out' of the pocket wall.
DICTATOR veerbuffer voor schuifdeuren
The magnet has come loose from the counter plate and the door 'popped out' of the wall by the force of the spring and can now be closed further by hand.      


Technical details   Spring force  85 N (standard) or 130 N (for sliding doors with more resistance during sliding than normal )
 Stroke  About 25 mm.
 Material  Tube aluminum, other parts zinc plated steel
    Delivery  Spring release buffer with screws and counter plate 

Main advantages

Dimensions in mm. (dimensions are for both 85 N and 130 N spring force)

Maten DICTATOR veerbuffer