Door closers
the mechanical door closing solution, concealed fitting in the door or fitting on the door.

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The Adjunct 2500 is integrated into the door for aesthetic and anti-vandal purposes. This mechanism allows the door to self close, thus never staying open on its own. Particularly useful if doors need to remain closed and you do not have to rely on someone to ensure the door is closed, for example, fire regulations, draught control, room temperature conservation etc. The door closer can be mounted onto any position of the door. The spring strength is adjusted by shortening or lengthening the chain as desired, without dismantling the mechanism. 

Adjunct 2500 concealed door closer

Adjunct 2500 & 2550

Adjunct 2500 (E16) & 2550 (E22) concealed door closers

The Adjunct 2500 (E16) and Adjunct 2550 (E22) are concealed door closers. The device consists of a tube with spring, pull rod and chain. The construction is fitted using a tube screwed attachment plate. The closing force is being carried by a chain, which goes over a hardened steel ball and will be hooked in the anchor shaped opening of the door frame plate. The closing force is 5N to 15N so there is no danger using them on your doors.

For more heavier doors we have the Adjunct 2550 (E22) which has double the force in comparison with the Adjunct 2500 (15N up to 30N)

   Important advantages of Adjunct concealed door closers

  •     Almost invisible thanks to the concealed fitting.
  •     Works mechanically, so no maintenance needed.
  •     Can be applied with all internal flush and projecting doors.
  •     In combination with a DICTATOR door check, the Adjunct provides
        the ideal alternative to the more obtrusive hydraulic door closer.

The Piccolo 2600 is a simple and reliable mechanical closing spring for light doors such as interior, kitchen, toilet and restaurant doors, or gates. The spring force is fully adjustable. The force is transferred to the door by means of a pushing plate.

Piccolo 2600 opbouw deursluiter

Piccolo 2600

Piccolo 2600 door closer

The Piccolo 2600 is a reliable, simple door closer suitable for light doors as for example interior doors, kitchen doors, gates, toilet doors etc. The door closer consists of a steel plated spring housing that is fitted on the door frame. With the help of a revolving fitted plate the closing force is absorbed by the door. Under this plate is a self lubricating stud that ensures the noiselessly functioning of the door closer.

   Important advantages of the Piccolo 2600

  •     Ideal for fixing to narrow doorframes.
  •     Visually unobtrusive, no unsightly push bar.
  •     The number of door closers can be increased to give additional closing force.