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DICTATOR type 1100

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  Door check for sliding doors.

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DICTATOR door checks noiselessly control the closing of sliding doors.

For sliding doors the DICTATOR door check type 1100 will ensure, that the door will be held firmly closed and will not clash with the door jamb when shut.

The DICTATOR 1100 is fitted on the door using a 'L' shaped bracket. The door check is attached to the shaped bracket with the two M6 screws with the hook being secured to the door jamb.

The DICTATOR 1100 is supplied with a weak spring to minimize the effort required to open the sliding door.

The DICTATOR 1100 with the 'L'-shaped bracket can also be used as an alternative to the DICTATOR 1400 for hollow section doors.

Please check also our download section to see all other door technique solutions we can offer you for the various situations.

Main advantages of DICTATOR door checks:
* Anti-slam design to create a quiet movement

* Conserves energy - reduces heat and cold loss
* Helps prevent the spread of fire
* Gently controlled for easy opening and closing
* Easy to fit and virtually maintenance-free
* Solution for life thanks to high-quality standard


                   DICTATOR type 1100 with hook 1009





Technical details  Types of doors  Lightweight sliding doors and hollow section hinged doors
 Closing force (measured at the door check)  Approx. 20N (standard with this type), 50N or 80N
 Damping characteristic  Progressive, with speed adjustment.
 Damping fluid   Damping oil
 Contents  Door check with hook, angle plate and fixing screws.
 Material  Door check in steel, nickel or zinc plated and the 'L'-shaped bracket
 in Stainless Steel
 Packing  Per piece, 8 pcs./set, 16 pcs./half-combi, 32 pcs./combi