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Secure the angle plate to the sliding door approximately 1 mm. from the door jamb (x + 1) and 80 mm. from the frame head. Turn the cylinder into the roller lever and use the spring clip provided to secure the cylinder.

Fit the door check to the angle plate using the two M6 screws and place the lever in the downward position.

Now fix the hook to the door jamb in line with the door check, ensuring, that the rubber roller just makes contact with the curved lower part of the hook as the door is brought to the closing position. When fixing the hook, lightly secure the hook using the slotted holes first, then make any necessary adjustment in height before finally securing the hook, using the two remaining round holes.

The DICTATOR type 1100 is supplied with a cylinder 1150 (approx. 20N), angle plate, hook type 1009 and fixing screws as standard.


If required, the following cylinders are available:
Cylinder Force


1050 50N yes
1150 20N


1250 80N


Available with nickel or zinc plated finish.