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Approximately 40 cm. at the opposite side of the hinge side ,on the opposite side of the door to the doorstop fit the housing using the screws provided. The housing should be fitted in a vertical position with the top of the housing projecting 1 mm. above the door. Secure the hook to the door frame directly above the door check. Ensure, that the rubber roller, on the door check lever, just touches the lower edge of the front lip of the hook, when the roller lever is in a downward position.

Use the elongated holes in the hook to obtain the correct position. For recessed doors up to 18mm you should choose hook type 1011, for almost flush doors choose the hook 1009 and for  doors with a projection up to 30 mm. the hook 1013 should be chosen. By fitting the door check more to the closing side of the door, the closing force will be increased, but the braking distance will be decreased.



Cylinder MLN-1050 (approx. 50N), is supplied with the DICTATOR 1300 as standard, along with fixing screws and a choice of hooks 1009, 1011, or 1013.

If required, the following cylinders are available:
Cylinder Force
MLN-1150 20N
MLN-1250 80N
MLN-1250 S 115N

All with nickel plated finish