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Preferably the 1400 should be mounted vertically. First fix the hook (type 1014) to the upper doorstop or head. The hook should be positioned, allowing 4 mm. clearance from the face of the door and 8 mm. clearance from the vertical door jamb.

Now push the roller lever so that it touches the body of the door check. Then screw the door check to the door, ensuring that the rubber roller just makes contact with the curved lower part of the hook as the door is brought to the closing position.

Use the elongated holes in the mounting plate to obtain the correct position for the door check. When fitting the door check horizontally, it is not necessary to leave 8 mm. gap between the door check and the door shut. The door check should be fitted as high as possible, but not touching the upper door shut.

The type 1400 is supplied with a 1150-H cylinder (approx. 20N), fixing screws and hook 1014.

If required, the following cylinders are available:
Cylinder Force


1050 50N


1150-H 20N


1250 80N


All with zinc plated finish.