FITTING Adjunct 2500

Drill a 17 mm. diameter hole 19 cm. deep into the door. It is important to ensure, that this hole is drilled square to the door edge and parallel to the door panel. Using the plate at the end of the door closer as a template, mark round the plate and remove sufficient material from the door to sink the plate flush with the door edge. Mark and drill the screw holes. Fix the door closer into the door, using the screws provided. Now using the same procedure, do the same with the anchor plate. The depth of the 17mm diameter hole in the frame should be 4 - 5 cm. to allow for the excess chain. 

It is important, that both plates are exactly opposite each other. If the plates are in different positions, it may not allow the chain to retract into its housing. This will result in the door not closing fully. Adjustment to the closing force can be made by pulling the chain (approximately five links) from the door closer tube with a pair of pliers, place the nail in the link nearest the door, then hook the chain into the anchor plate in the door frame feeding the excess chain into the cavity behind the anchor plate. Open the door and remove the nail. Try the door operation. Should the force need to be increased, repeat the procedure one link at a time until the correct operation is obtained. To decrease the force, reverse the above procedure.