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Piccolo 2600

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closing spring for lightweight internal doors.

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Thank's to its small size and variable closing force, the PICCOLO 2600 is an ideal door closer for lightweight internal doors, wire mesh doors, stair gates etc.

The closing force (adjustable) is applied to the door through flange, which pushes down on the concealed self lubricating stud which is fixed to the door. Maximum opening angle approximately 90o. The PICCOLO can be used on left and right opening doors.

The advantages of the PICCOLO 2600:

  •    Ideal for fixing to narrow doorframes.

  •    Visually unobtrusive, no unsightly push bar.

  •   The number of door closers can be increased to give
      additional closing force.

  •   The door is always closed, after being used, this will result in using
      less energy thus saving on your energy bill.

  •   Only little force is needed to open the door, so also very suitable for
      children and older people.

Please also check our download section to see what other door technique solutions we can offer you for the various situations.

Piccolo 2600 door spring

Piccolo 2600 mechanical door spring


Technical details  Types of doors  Lightweight left and right opening
 Closing force  Adjustable
 Contents  Door closer, fixing plates and screws
 Material  Nickel plated steel or stainless steel type 304 (1.4301) or stainless steel type 316 (1.4401). Bright gold plated finish on application
 Per piece in a box, 18 pcs. in a set box, 72 pcs. in a combi box 
 Per piece in blister, 14 pcs. in a set box, 56 pcs. in a combi-box

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