FITTING Piccolo 2600

Screw the cover of the spring on the door frame using the two round-head screws provided. Then screw the self lubricating ring to the door. The stud should be fitted in a position, where the flange of the door closer just covers it at the farthest edge of the flange from the pivot of the door closer. Use sufficient spacing washers under the self lubricating stud to ensure that the flange of the door closer is parallel with the door. Finally, using the pin provided, adjust the spring tension in the door closer. Place the adjustment tool into one of the holes of the adjustment collar of the door closer. Remove the peg from the other hole in the collar, then increase the tension of the spring, one hole at a time (maximum of two holes / half a turn).

WARNING: This door closer is only suitable for doors opening up to 90o.

 Door situations

flush door

recessed door

projecting door