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HAWGOOD spring hinges type 4241

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 for self closing of double-action doors.

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HAWGOOD spring actuated hinges are designed for use where self closing, swing door operation is required. For example; schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses, shops, factories and public buildings.

The hinges are available with or without hold-open at 90 degrees. In conjunction with a fire door hold-open system the HAWGOOD 4241 spring hinge without 90 degree hold-open can be used to close the fire door once the fire door hold-open system has released the door from the open position.

The simple, but solid construction of these hinges allows an opening angle of 95 degrees on both sides. (Doors with sufficient space to open further than 95 degrees should be limited by a stop or similar device). The lobe on the hinge body is shaped to ensure that the door returns to the closed position. The spring system holds the door firmly closed.

The form of the shoe results the door to swing only shortly and is kept firmly closed. As the door, whilst opening, turns away from the frame-post, the inclination seams with the closed door is minimum and the free passage with opened doors maximum.

HAWGOOD hinges 4241 are fitted in pairs and are suitable for use with doors up to 93 cm. in width and 60 kg. in weight. For wider or heavier doors, please contact your supplier for further information.

To counteract the difference in loads between the top and bottom hinges of the door, always mount the type 42 hinge (white tube and strong spring) to the top of the door.

To ensure the HAGWOOD spring hinges remain durable it is important to lubricate the hinge pin and the contact surfaces of the body and plate thus extending their life.

Replacements for the old models 4100/4200 are available to special order, but please notice that the delivery time will be longer.

Please check also our download section to see all other door technique solutions we can offer you for the various situations.


1 set HAWGOOD 4241 

Door closed

Door open on about 45o

Door fully open




Technical details  Types of doors  40 mm. thick, double action
 Closing force  Not adjustable /with or without hold-open at 90o
 Contents  One pair of spring hinges with fixing screws in box
 Material  Body : Stainless steel or Stainless steel with brass finish
 Plate : Zinc plated steel or Stainless steel.
 Packing  Per pair in a box, 12 pairs in a combi-box

HAWGOOD type 4241 (door thickness 40 mm) with or without hold-open at 90o standard in the following versions available:

Type 41, Body S.S. (plate zinc)* Type 42, Body S.S. (plate zinc)* Type 41, Body S.S. (brass finish) Type 42, Body S.S. (brass finish)

* Also available in a total Stainless Steel version for use in humid environments like swimming-pools etc.


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