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DICTATOR 'Junior' miniature door check

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for lightweight doors or drawers *

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DICTATOR Junior door checks noiselessly control the closing of lightweight doors and drawers. The door check will ensure, that the door or drawer will be held firmly closed and will not slam when shut.

This type of door check is specially designed for furniture and pharmacy furnishings, etc. DICTATOR Junior is
the proven damping technique of the DICTATOR door check in a combined 'miniature version' of the DICTATOR type 1600 and type 1400.

The small door check type Junior prevents the slamming of lightweight doors, doors used in furniture lids or drawers. The device damps the closing movement until the  last couple of centimeters softly. Thus the Junior is particularly suitable for drawers which need to be closed using a shock-resistant technique, for example when storing fragile or sensitive objects, e.g. optical devices, glassware etc. The door, lid or drawer closes softly and will be held firmly closed.

The Junior distinguish
es itself by its very small dimensions. This makes it possible to fit the device in confined spaces. Another major advantage is that the Junior can be supplied both as a 'pushing' version (type 160) or as a 'pulling' version (type 140) without the disadvantage of housing dimensions changing, therefore the DICTATOR Junior is a versatile option in our range of door checks.

The Junior is 100% Stainless Steel and therefore suitable for use in a wide range of environments, for example the catering industry, high humidity areas etc.)

* In cooperation with a door manufacturer there has also been a version developed especially meant for lightweight sliding doors. Inform with our sales staff for further details about this version.

Please check also our download section to see all other door technique solutions we can offer you for the various situations.

DICTATOR Junior type 160   DICTATOR Junior type 140

DICTATOR Junior type 160
'pushing' version

DICTATOR Junior type 140
'pulling' version



Technical details  Application  Doors, lids, drawers, small sliding doors
 Closing force  13N (measured at the Junior)
 Damping characteristic  constant.
 Closing speed  Fixed
 Damping fluid  Damping oil
 Contents  Door check, reception hook,
 fixing screws
 Material  Stainless Steel
 Packing  Per piece