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Normally the small door check is fitted 'invisible' at the inner side of a cupboard or at the dividing wall of a cupboard for damping of drawers or small lightweight doors. For this type of application we can supply a special fitting console.

The housing of the Junior is fitted with 2 screws at both fixing wings in such a way that the upper side of the housing is about 1mm. above the upper side of the door or drawer.

The reception hook must also be fitted with two screws to the door frame. The hook has been designed in a such that it is suitable for multiple fitting ways. It can be attached to the front side. Both fixing holes can be reached through the holes in the front part of the hook. But you can also choose to fix the hook to the bottom side. The height of the reception hook has been chosen correctly when the small roller of the Junior slightly touches the front side of the hook when closing the door or drawer.

DICTATOR Junior type 140 / 160

The only difference between the two versions of the Junior is the position of the roller lever. With the pulling version (type 140) the roller lever is fixed in the rear holes of the housing and also points towards the rear (see dashed drawing). This version is used for example when the Junior is fitted at the back side of a drawer and the reception hook at the rear of the wall. With the pushing version (type 160) the roller lever is fixed in the front holes of the housing and also points towards the front.