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Pull the hinged cover away from the fixing plate.  It is hinged at the top. Secure the fixing plate to the door approximately 40 cm. at the opposite side of the hinge side with the fixing plate projecting approximately 2 mm. above the top edge of the door. Close the hinged cover firmly on to the fixing plate so that the cover locks on to the fixing plate. Secure the hook to the doorframe directly above the door check. Ensure that the rubber roller, on the door check lever, just touches the lower edge of the front lip of the hook when the lever is in a downward position.

When fixing the hook to the doorframe, place one or more of the spacers provided under the hook to make up the difference in depth between the frame and the door.
By fitting the door check further to the closing side, the
closing force will be increased but the braking distance will be decreased.

The VS2000 door check comes with a MLN 1050 zinc finish cylinder (approx.50N), fixing screws, 1020 hook and a selection of spacer plates.

If required, the following cylinders are available:
Cylinder Force


MLN-1050 H 50N Standard
MLN 1150 20N


MLN-1250 80N


MLN-1250 S 115N


All cylinders always with zinc finish