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DICTATOR - HLS-catch temperature bolt

a safety catch for 30- and 60 minute fire-resistant (interiors) doors Downloads
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The HLS-catch is a temperature controlled door catch. In a set position the catch is housed inside the latch housing, but slides out under excessive room temperatures. This fixates the door in its frame and prevents the door from pulling skew, thereby preventing fire admission due to open gaps between the double doors, and the door and frame. The bolt slides out before expansion of the foam materials starts.

For single and double 30 and 60-minute fire resistant doors:


The most user-friendly solution (for double-doors) 

The ease of use when it concerns fire and emergency escape doors is of paramount importance. 

Standard application

Standard application of the HLS-catch offers the following user-friendly benefits:

Pipe and cable shafts and frames

Operation       Application     User-friendly   Test certificates      Dimensions      Specifications     Distribution     PDF-leaflet(2011-04, 68 Kb)