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DICTATOR is the manufacturer of the HotLockingSafe-Catch. This is a temperature controlled door catch for 30- or 60 minutes fire resistant (interior) doors.

In a set position the catch is housed inside the latch housing, but slides out under excessive room temperatures. This fixates the door in its frame and prevents the door from pulling skew, thereby preventing fire admission due to open gaps between the double doors, and the door and frame. The bolt slides out before expansion of the foam materials starts.

Advantages of the HLS-catch:

You can download a leaflet of the HLS-catch in PDF (English/Dutch) by clicking here -> HLS-Catch.PDF (4.03 MB)

Since March 2004 we have expanded our website with a page containing an overview with all the lift door dampers we manufacture in the Netherlands. For each type/version there is a drawing available.

To get to this page click on LIFT DOOR DAMPERS


HAWGOOD type 4241

HAWGOOD 4241 spring hinges now also available in 'Yellow Pearl' (bright gold finish) *

Since January 2004 our HAWGOOD 4241 spring hinges for double-action doors with a door thickness of 40 mm. are now also available in a gold color finish. Please feel free to inform about this quite exclusive looking finish.

* Update March 2019: Yellow Pearl is no longer available as as standard finish. From now on this finish is on application.



Since July 2003 there is a miniature version of the DICTATOR door check.
This version is especially meant for application with small doors/drawers or other objects with a relative light weight. But there are of coarse enough applications which can be thought of using this little one.

The DICTATOR Junior can be assembled as a 'push' version or as a 'pull' version. This version is determined during assembly and cannot be easily be changed. The principal of the "pushing" version can be compared with the door check DICTATOR type 1600, whilst the principal of the 'pulling' version can be compared with the door check DICTATOR type 1400.

 HAWGOOD 4000/4500 in nylon version (shoe).

Since May 2003 our HAWGOOD spring hinges for double action doors with a door thickness of 19 till 24 mm. can also be delivered in a version with a nylon shoe (RAL 70742 gray) instead of a brass nickel finish or brass polished. The back plate is steel zinc finish.

Advantage to the regular version is that this version has a very competitive price. One other major advantage is that this hinge almost does not need any maintenance (cleaning, provide it with new grease now and then).


Electro magnets with very small measurements

As an extension to our delivery program of electro magnets, we present you a series of little magnets with very small dimensions (30 x 30 mm, dimensions of the back plate). The magnet itself is only 20 x 20 mm. The holding force is 130N.


Door lock magnets with extreme holding force of 3.000 or 5.000 N.

DICTATOR now also can deliver door lock electro magnets with a extreme high holding force of 3.000 or 5.000 Newton. Can be used with 12V DC or 24V DC. These magnets also have a feature to use them in combination with a central operating unit.


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