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Our company was founded in 1932 in Amsterdam as DICTATOR Deursluiter Maatschappij. In 1949 we moved to Bussum and since 1965 we have been located in Emmeloord on the Energieweg (across the Praxis). Since the 1st of december 2021 we are located on a brand new location: Florijn 13, 8305 BR in Emmeloord.

For over 85 years DICTATOR has focused entirely on the production of door dampers, door closers, swing door hinges and door holders.


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Since 1988 we have been part of the international DICTATOR group, whose headquarters are located in the southern German town of Neusäß. From here, the majority of the sales abroad are coordinated.

The DICTATOR group has a number of production sites within Europe. Each DICTATOR site works independently and can specialise and focus themselves for 100% on their own products. As a result, it is possible to respond quickly and flexibly to market developments or special customer requirements. Next to that, DICTATOR also offers de continuity and security of a large concern.

DICTATOR products are exported worldwide, and the DICTATOR group has a large global network of representatives and agents.


Quite often people ask us where the name DICTATOR comes from. To answer this question, we have to go back in time:

In 1930, a German and a Dutchman invented the "Hydraulischen Stoßdämpfer und Schließer für Türen". This special type of door closer slows down the door when it is closed, then quietly pulls it closed and keeps it closed. The inventors called this product the dictator because it dictates the door to close gently and securely.

Because the origin of the DICTATOR group was already international, the two inventors chose the international spelling with the "c" instead of the German spelling with a "k".

DICTATOR Production today

Our strengths

Production hand in hand with sales
From the very beginning, the production has been inextricably linked to sales at DICTATOR Production. This is the reason why our products are of excellent quality and available in different varieties - the products are constantly adapted to the market demand. We are constantly improving and automating our production technology so that we can produce as cost-effectively as possible.

The challenge is to develop machines and production processes that are flexible enough to produce many different products. But our goal is to automate all processes that can be produced faster and of better quality by machines.

In the 80's we started using our first robot, called Robby. In the meantime, Robby Two has taken over from him and is doing its job just as diligently and without any problems. The "intelligent" automation (including the CAD/CAM control of our CNC machines) creates more flexibility than before, with high quality and short delivery times as a result.


DICTATOR Production has, thanks to the knowledge that has been built up over decades, combined with personal involvement and unlimited enthusiasm for new things, succeeded in finding a balance between the highest quality, flexibility and cost-effective production. The quality of our products is therefore unrivalled.

Because stability and durability are important quality characteristics of all DICTATOR products, all our products are subjected to many endurance and durability tests on the principle "one test is no test".


The production programme of DICTATOR Production at a glance: