For over 85 years DICTATOR has been a specialist in offering innovative solutions for everything related to the silent opening, locking, closing and capturing of your doors or gates, both mechanically and electrically driven. DICTATOR has been known for many years as the manufacturer and supplier of quality products that can offer you the right solution for almost every problem concerning the opening and closing of doors or gates.

Quality is of paramount importance to us, we always strive to keep delivery times as short as possible. In addition, good advice and service is a given.

Door closer / opener solutions

Door dampers, door closers/openers for hinged and sliding doors, door brakes, swing door hinges and other accessories for hinged and sliding doors

Door control systems

Simple installation, adaptable systems for clean rooms and laboratories

Gas springs

Rapid delivery, bespoke manufacture, high quality, huge range

Hydraulic dampers

Linear and rotary, control speed, prevent damage, avoid injury

Door and gate operators

Operators and control systems for sliding and hinged doors/gates

Fire door operators

Operators for hinged and sliding fire protection doors

Fire door control solutions

Hold-open systems and components for fire doors

Lift equipment

Lifts, homelifts, lift shaft systems, accessories for lift doors