Door closing solutions

door closing solutions

Door closing solutions

For more than 85 years DICTATOR has been known for its reliable, mechanical solutions for capturing, closing and securing doors and gates. In addition, nowadays there are several products available to let doors and gates move in a controlled way.

Door dampers

Slow down doors on the last centimeters, so they close silently and remain closed

Door holders

Lock doors in any position

Swing door hinges

For the controlled and safe moving of swing doors

Back checks

Slow down the opening speed of doors and limit the opening angle

Closing springs

Closing springs are the most simple form of a door closer which close doors by means of a spring.

Gate closer DIREKT

Closes doors and gates reliably and securely – as fast or slow as you wish

Door closer TJSS T44

The door closer with arm of Swiss quality

Release buffer for sliding doors

Pushes sliding doors out of wall pockets

RTS tube door closer

The ‘invisible’ door closer, especially for gates

Sliding door closer/opener DICTAMAT 50

The flexible mechanical closing system

Mechanical timer

Keeps doors with door closer open for a short period

Floor spring WAB 180

The WAB 180 floor spring is used for particularly heavy doors.